Essex county nj registry of deeds online

A copy of every deed and mortgage recorded since 1637 is on file in the Register’s Office.

People have been receiving scam phone calls claiming to have information for consumers eligible to receive money from the mortgage settlement.

It is unknown if the callers are posing as bank employees or as a third party working on behalf of the banks, but they are asking for consumers' bank account information in order to direct deposit the money.

Borrowers should contact their mortgage servicers directly in order to obtain information on what they may qualify for under the settlement.

Register O'Brien wants to remind you to always be cautious when discussing personal information over the phone.

Be advised that banks have been sending out letters offering to record your discharge for a fee of $150.

You may record the discharge yourself by bringing it in or mailing it to the Registry of Deeds with a check for .

Please contact customer service at 978-542-1704 with any additional questions.

If you are a victim of robosigning, contact our customer service department at 978-542-1704 to ask about receiving an affidavit as proof that a document being used to take your home contains a fraudulent or surrogate signed document DISCLAIMER: The Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds presents the information on this website as a service to the public.

We have tried to ensure that the information contained in this electronic document is accurate.


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