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5, Troublesome Engines, originally published in 1950. In the case of Percy, it was particularly infuriating, as Awdry had built a model of the engine in order that the artist could use it as a reference.All this came to a head when the book Percy the Small Engine, centering on the eponymous character, was written.Awdry wrote to Dalby a letter requesting that he should make Percy look less like "a green caterpillar with red stripes".

Percy lives on the Island of Sodor with many other locomotives, including Thomas the Tank Engine, Gordon the Big Engine and Henry the Green Engine.

He is the smallest, youngest and probably cheekiest, of the principal steam engine characters. The Fat Controller brought him to Sodor when there was an engine strike due to a shortage of shunting engines.

The bigger engines initially tried to bully him, but Percy soon showed that he was more than capable of standing up for himself.

After a few years of shunting at the Big Station, the Fat Controller promoted him to goods traffic on Thomas' branch line.

When not pulling trucks, he can be seen pulling the post train or even taking Annie and Clarabel when Thomas is busy. He is also known to have a great respect for Edward ever since his first appearance.

He is reasonably experienced, but can still occasionally be a little naive and overconfident.In that sense, he is the perfect foil for Thomas – who can be just as headstrong. Reginald Dalby, the first illustrator of The Railway Series.Percy's first appearance in The Railway Series was in book no. Like Henry the Green Engine, Percy was the source of much friction between Rev. Awdry complained that Percy did not look like a real locomotive, an issue that had caused contention between the two men on several occasions and concerning several characters.It conforms to GB/T1043 ‘Plastic Simple-Beam Impact Method’ and ISO179, ISO9854-1, DIN8078, DIN53453 standard requirements.Convenient operation, accuracy and artistic figure, it is perfect testing equipment for chemical industry, scientific research unit and quality detection department.It conforms to GB/T1843 ‘Plastic Cantilever Beam Impact Method’ and ISO180, GB/T2611, JB/T8761 standard requirements. The pendulum of the machine can be raised or released automatically.


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