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Guildford apparently left England only once more, when he went with Wolsey to Calais in 1527 and travelled with him into France.

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1512, the day of the proroguing of Parliament.5In the following month the King attended Guildford’s wedding, and in June the couple received a royal grant of the manors of Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire, and Bicker in Lincolnshire.

Guildford took part in the disastrous naval engagement off Brest in August 1512 as joint captain with Sir Charles Brandon of 60 yeomen of the guard in the , and in the next year he accompanied the King on his invasion of France, commanding 100 men of the King’s ward.

He was made a knight banneret after the capture of Tournai, and as master of the revels he celebrated the victory with an interlude in which he played before the King.

In May 1514 he returned to Calais in the 5th Lord Bergavenny’s expedition, and five months later, after peace had been concluded, he did so again on his way to the coronation as Queen of France of Henry VIII’s sister Mary.6After four summers largely taken up with campaigning Guildford returned to a more settled life in England.

His chief residence was Leeds Castle, Kent, which he held for the King: he was later to own other property in the county, including the manor of Hadlow, granted in 1522, and North Frith park, which he received two years later, and from 1522 he held a 40-year lease of the manor of Eltham and the stewardship of Lee, near Lewisham.

But it was still the court which was the centre of Guildford’s life.

An infrequent attender at the Council, of which he was sworn in 1516 (in the next ten years he was recorded as present only six times), he was first and foremost a personal servant of the King’s, one of the few men assigned lodgings in the royal house by the Eltham ordinances of 1526.

He was appointed to go with the King in 1520 to the Field of Cloth of Gold and to the meeting with Charles V at Gravelines, and in the autumn of 1521, when he accompanied Wolsey to Calais, he was soon recalled because the King found himself short of attendants in his privy chamber.

3As the youngest son of a father who, before he died considerably in debt, had obtained an Act (11 Hen.


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