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This is what is called a ‘thick market’—one with a lot of options—and a thick market is usually more efficient.In the book, I use the example of buying a pair of jeans: If you have an hour to shop, would you rather be in Manhattan or in a rural community?The city, of course, because there are more options and more chances you’ll find what you need. 3 Tips to Tackle It The thing is, you can be a generalist dater or a specialist dater.

In Riga you can find almost all well-known European labels.

Comfortable and compact locations of shopping malls, high quality service and regular sales make Riga a good place for nice and price-wise shopping. Quite a lot of them can be found in Riga and its Old Town though many attractions are outside the capital of Latvia.

In addition to the “official” must-see list which is repeated with certain variations in all tourist guides and publications, we offer a list of interesting places.

Riga is a very attentive city to its little residents and guests.

There are a lot of open-air parks, zoos, modern playgrounds, amusement parks and other attractions, like kid’s railroad, in Riga and other Latvian cities.

Riga is certainly the capital of gastronomy in Baltic countries.

Whatever you want to find, you can find here, from cozy cafes where to have a cup of coffee to modern and glamorous or bohemian restaurants, vegetarian cuisines and others places.

Comfortable and compact locations of shopping malls, high quality service and regular sales make Riga a good place for nice and price-wise shopping.

Riga is famous for its beautiful girls and local beauty industry also plays part in it.

Latvian SPAs, beauty parlours and hairdressing salons have modern European standards, high quality service and reasonable prices.

Oyer: I’m a labor economist, so when I found myself back on the dating scene, it became clear to me that online dating is a marketplace.


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