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I'm trying to write a basic python script that will track a given satellite, defined with tle's, from a given location.

I'm not a asto/orbital person but am trying to become smarter on it.

I am running into a problem when I try to convert the azimuth, elevation, range values to a ECEF position. I'm getting the observed azimuth, elevation and range with: def get_ob(epoch, sv, obs Loc): site = ephem.

I'm using Py Ephem to get the observation values and spg4 to get the real location to verify. Observer() = str(obs Loc.lat) # +E -104.77 here = str(obs Loc.lon) # +N 38.95 here site.elevation = obs # meters 0 here #epoch = time.time() = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(epoch) sat = ephem.readtle(sv.name,sv.tle1,sv.tle2) sat.compute(site) az = degrees(sat.az) el = degrees(sat.alt) #range in m range = sat.range sat_lat = degrees(sat.sublat) sat_long = degrees(sat.sublong) # elevation of sat in m sat_elev = sat.elevation x, y, z = aer2ecef(az,el,range,38.95,-104.77,80 / 1000) def aer2ecef(azimuth Deg, elevation Deg, slant Range, obs_lat, obs_long, obs_alt): #site ecef in meters sitex, sitey, sitez = llh2ecef(obs_lat,obs_long,obs_alt) #some needed calculations slat = sin(radians(obs_lat)) slon = sin(radians(obs_long)) clat = cos(radians(obs_lat)) clon = cos(radians(obs_long)) az Rad = radians(azimuth Deg) el Rad = radians(elevation Deg) # az,el,range to sez convertion south = -slant Range * cos(el Rad) * cos(az Rad) east = slant Range * cos(el Rad) * sin(az Rad) zenith = slant Range * sin(el Rad) x = ( slat * clon * south) + (-slon * east) + (clat * clon * zenith) + sitex y = ( slat * slon * south) + ( clon * east) + (clat * slon * zenith) + sitey z = (-clat * south) + ( slat * zenith) + sitez return x, y, z When I plot that though, the position is way off (wrong side of globe).

The position I get from the website and from spg4 match so I believe those to be the correct.

I'm not sure if the error is in my conversion method or I'm using the wrong data for the conversion.I found the method in a answer here: Get ECEF XYZ given starting coordinates, range, azimuth, and elevation Any advice or suggestions for where I'm getting off would be very appreciated.Below is test input/outputs: The satellites I'm testing with are the ISS and directv10 (one fixed, one moving- with internet tracking available for verification): 0 Direct10 1 31862U 07032A 13099.15996183 -.00000126 00000-0 10000-3 0 1194 2 31862 000.0489 046.9646 0000388 001.7833 103.5813 01.00271667 21104 0 ISS 1 25544U 98067A 13112.50724749 .00016717 00000-0 10270-3 0 9148 2 25544 51.6465 24.5919 0009906 171.1474 188.9854 15.52429950 26067 sv: ISS ephem observed response(km) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [344.067992722211, -72.38297754053431, 12587.123][degrees(sat.az), degrees(sat.alt), sat.range] sv: ISS ephem reported llh location(km) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [-41.678271938092195, -129.16682754513502, 421.06290625][degrees(sat.sublat0, degrees(sat.sublong), sat.elevation] sv: ISS ephem calculated xyz location(km) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [688.24385373837845, 6712.2004971137103, -704.83633267710866][aer2ecef(az,el,range,obs Loc.lat,obs Loc.lon,obs Loc.alt)] sv: ISS ephem llh from calc xyz location(km) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [-6.001014287867631, 84.1455657632957, 12587.123][ecef2llh()] sv: ISS ephem xyz from reported llh location(km) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 :[-3211.7910504146325, -3942.7032969856118, -4498.9656030253745][llh2ecef(lat,long,elev)] sv: ISS spg84 ecef position(m) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [-3207667.3380003194, -3936704.823960199, -4521293.5388663234] sv: ISS spg84 ecef2llh(m) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [-41.68067424524357, -129.17349987675482, 6792812.8704163525] sv: Direct10 ephem observed response(km) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [320.8276456938389, -19.703680198781303, 43887.572][degrees(sat.az), degrees(sat.alt), sat.range] sv: Direct10 ephem reported llh location(km) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [0.004647324660923812, -102.8070784813048, 35784.688][degrees(sat.sublat0, degrees(sat.sublong), sat.elevation] sv: Direct10 ephem calculated xyz location(km) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [-18435.237655222769, 32449.238763035213, 19596.893001978762][aer2ecef(az,el,range,obs Loc.lat,obs Loc.lon,obs Loc.alt)] sv: Direct10 ephem llh from calc xyz location(km) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [27.727834453026748, 119.60200825103102, 43887.572][ecef2llh()] sv: Direct10 ephem xyz from reported llh location(km) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 :[-9346.1899009219123, -41113.897098582587, 3.4164105611003754][llh2ecef(lat,long,elev)] sv: Direct10 spg84 ecef position(m) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [-9348605.9260040354, -41113193.982686974, -14060.29781505302] sv: Direct10 spg84 ecef2llh(m) @ epoch: 1365630559.000000 : [-0.019106864351793953, -102.81049179145006, 42156299.077687651] I feel really dumb but found the issue... USE GOOD VARIABLE NAMES...don't be lazy like me and lose time trying to find a nonexistent math bug....I was transposing the the latitude and longitude from the site into the Py Ephem model (look at line 3-4)... I'd like to obtain something similar but without the use of inputting "tle", instead used a satellite's cartesian coordinatey, XYZ, and obtain the sat_lat, sat_long, and range.In other words, a satellite’s orbital information and then obtain then the ground longitude/latitude under that satellite for a sequence of epochs.How can I circumvent the above "sat = ephem.readtle(sv.name,sv.tle1,sv.tle2)"?


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Brennan and her team find themselves tracking a terrorist.","question_count":2,"song_count":4,"airdate_day":"20","airdate_month":"09","airdate_month_short":"Sep","airdate_year":"2005","is_tombstone":false,"tombstone_conflict":false},"1634":{"id":1634,"event_group_id":229,"name":"The Boy in the Tree","number":3,"original_air_date":1127779200,"locked":false,"episode_description":"When the decaying corpse of the Venezuelan Ambassador's son is found hanging from a tree on the campus of an exclusive private school, a simple suicide case quickly turns into a web of lies, sex and scandal involving the school's staff and students.","question_count":0,"song_count":4,"airdate_day":"27","airdate_month":"09","airdate_month_short":"Sep","airdate_year":"2005","is_tombstone":false,"tombstone_conflict":false},"1635":{"id":1635,"event_group_id":229,"name":"The Man in the Bear","number":4,"original_air_date":1130803200,"locked":false,"episode_description":"Brennan and Booth travel to Washington to investigate a human arm that was found in the stomach of a black bear.","question_count":1,"song_count":2,"airdate_day":"01","airdate_month":"11","airdate_month_short":"Nov","airdate_year":"2005","is_tombstone":false,"tombstone_conflict":false},"1636":{"id":1636,"event_group_id":229,"name":"A Boy In a Bush","number":5,"original_air_date":1131408000,"locked":false,"episode_description":"Booth asks Brennan to help locate and identify the remains of a six-year-old boy, Charlie, who went missing from a local park.","question_count":0,"song_count":1,"airdate_day":"08","airdate_month":"11","airdate_month_short":"Nov","airdate_year":"2005","is_tombstone":false,"tombstone_conflict":false},"1637":{"id":1637,"event_group_id":229,"name":"The Man in the Wall","number":6,"original_air_date":1132012800,"locked":false,"episode_description":"When Brennan and Angela get caught in a fight in a dance club, Brennan kicks someone into a wall, which causes the wall to break open and reveal a mummified corpse and a meth stash.","question_count":1,"song_count":6,"airdate_day":"15","airdate_month":"11","airdate_month_short":"Nov","airdate_year":"2005","is_tombstone":false,"tombstone_conflict":false},"1638":{"id":1638,"event_group_id":229,"name":"A Man on Death Row","number":7,"original_air_date":1132617600,"locked":false,"episode_description":"A death row inmate asks for Booth's help to prove his innocence before he is scheduled to be executed.

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