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Often these proposed textual histories include scribal error as the initial cause of the early variant.In 1699 Louis Ellies Dupin discussed the possibility: "..those two verses beginning with the same words, it was easy for the copiers to omit one by negligence, nothing being more usual than when the same word is in two periods that follow one another, for the copier to pass from the word of the first period to that which follows in the second." "It was far more easy for a transcriber, by turning away his eye, or by the obscurity of the copy, it being obliterated or defaced on the top or bottom of a page, or worn away in such materials as the ancients had to write upon, to lose and omit the passage, than for an interpolator to devise and insert it; he must be very bold and impudent, that could hope to escape detection and shame, and profane too, that durst venture to make an addition to a supposed sacred book." Anthony Kohlmann asked and answered the question, "what reason can you assign for so notable an omission in some old manuscripts?" Kohlmann pointed to homoeoteleuton and doctrinal motivations and included an analogy to another verse which some attempted to excise.

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Isaac Newton took a similar approach as Erasmus, looking to Jerome as the principal figure in placing the Comma in the Bible.

Newton's comment that from Matthew "they tried at first to derive the Trinity" implies that for the conjectured interpolation, "the Trinity" was the motive.

Richard Simon believed the verse began in a Greek scholium, while Herbert Marsh posited the origin as a Latin scholium.

Richard Porson was a major figure in the opposition to the authenticity of the verse.

His theory of spurious origin involved Tertullian and Cyprian, and also the interpretation by Augustine which led to a marginal note.

And, in the Porson theory, that marginal note was in the Bible text used by the author of the Confession of Faith at the Council of Carthage of 484 AD. It is then that we suppose it to have crawled into notice on the strength of Pseudo-Jerome's recommendation." Johann Jakob Griesbach wrote his Diatribe in Locum 1 Joann V.

Porson also considered the Vulgate Prologue as spurious, a forgery not written by Jerome, and this Prologue was responsible for the entrance into the Vulgate. 7, 8 in 1806, as an Appendix to his Critical Edition of the New Testament.

In the Diatribe, Griesbach "expresses his conviction that the seventh verse rests upon the authority of Vigilius Tapsensis." The 1808 Improved Version, with Thomas Belsham contributing, followed Griesbach on the idea of Tapsensis authority, combined with enhancing the forgery intimations of Gibbon.

In 1516, Desiderius Erasmus published the first modern Greek critical text, Novum Instrumentum omne. The first two lacked the Comma, which was first included in the 1522 edition of his Greek New Testament.


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