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10 /A note on the pronuncation system A few things to remember though: - in Hungarian stress alv/ays falls on the first syllable of the word, - in Hungarian there exist no ^ute" vowels; even final vowels are fully pronounced, - in Hungarian double length in the case of consonants is shown by doubling the letter, or where the sound is represented by two letters (letter combination) by doubling the first, - short hyphens in the phonetic respelling are used to mark off compound words or verbal prefixes, or to break longer words into more easily pronounced segments, - "r" should be pronounced always rolled, as in Scots, - there are a few sounds (and corresponding letter combinations) that are rather unfamiliar to an English ear (or eye) even in our respelling: dj should be pronounced as in due nj as in new 6/6 as in bird, herd Of course you may enjoy trying to pronounce a foreign lan- guage as well as possible and the present system is a good way to start.

Just E nough HUNGARIAN HOW TO GET BY & BE EASILY UNDERSTOOD AN UP-Ti OF E 'HRASE BOOK Y SPEECH a mini d Bct Mnary useful Is and phrases Welcome! This will give you greater confidence, and will also help in making yourself understood.

And, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so it is probably a good idea to repeat aloud to yourselves several times the phrases you think you are going to use, before you actually use them. Nem tesz semmit nem tess shem-meet Ez nem tetszik ez nem tet-seek Tudom toodom Nem tudom nem toodom Nem szamit nem saam-eet Holvana WC,kerem?

• If you want to practise the basic nuts and bolts of the language further, look at DO IT YOURSELF section starting on p. • Note especially these three sections: - Everday expressions p. So, while to yourself you will sound as if you are speaking ordinary English - or at least making ordinary English sounds - you will at the same time be making yourselves under- stood in another language.

Cheyne Corvina Published in Hungary by Corvina Books Ltd. Hungary Sixth edition This edition has been authorized by NTC Publishing Group 4255 West Touhy Avenue, Lincolnwood, Illinois 60646-1975 U. It concentrates on the simplest but most effective way you can express these needs in an unfa- miliar language. • The sentences in bold type will be useful for you in a variety of different situations, so they are worth learning by heart. 137) • Wherever possible you will find help in understanding what Hungarian-speaking people say to you, in reply to your ques- tions. In no way does the user have to attempt to make the words sound "foreign".

and Pan Books Hungarian Version edited by Linda Kunos ISBN 978 963 13 5737 Printed in Hungary Contents /5 Contents Using the phrase book 7 A note on the pronunciation system 9 A map of Hungary 11 Everday expressions 12 Crossing the border 14 Meeting people 16 Asking the way 20 The tourist information office 25 Accommodation Hotel Camping and youth hostelling Rented accommodation: problem solving 27 27 32 37 General shopping The drugstore/The chemist's Holiday items The smoke shop Buying clothes Replacing equipment 42 42 45 47 49 53 Shop talk 56 Shopping for food Bread Cakes Ice-cream and sweets In the supermarket Picnic food Fruit and Vegetables Meat Fish 59 59 61 62 64 66 68 72 74 6 /Contents Eathing and drinking out Ordering a drink Ordering a snack In a restaurant 76 76 80 82 Health 87 Problems: complaints, loss, theft 92 The post office 95 Telephoning 97 Changing checks and money 100 Car travel 102 Public transport 108 Leisure 112 Asking if things are allowed 115 Reference Public notices Abbreviations Numbers Time Days Months and dates (including public holidays) Countries and nationalities Department store guide Conversion tables Clothing sizes 117 117 120 121 123 125 126 129 131 134 136 Do it yourself: some notes on the language 137 Index 145 Mini-dictionary English-Hungarian Hungarian-English 148 148 154 Using the phrase book /7 Using the phrase book • Though primarily designed to help you get by in Hungary, to get what you want or need, this phrase book also be of use to travelers to Hungary in general. give you a good idea of which sec- tion to consult for the phrase you need. • When you have found the right page you be given: either - the exact phrase or - help in making up a suitable sentence and - help to get the pronunciation right. • Once abroad, remember to make good use of the local tourist offices (seep. US addresses: Hungarian Consulate IBUSZ (Hungarian Travel Bureau) 8 East 75th Street 630 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, N. (312)819-5353 (800) 877-5429 fax (312) 819-5355 Addresses in Great Britain: Hungarian Consulate 35 Eaton Place London S. In this way, the sentences transcribed for pronunciation should be read as naturally as possible, as if they were ordinary English.

gives more detailed information about where to look your phrase. 117 You are sure to want to refer to them most frequently. (212) 757-6480, 757-6481, 757-6446, (800) 223-6884 fax (2 12) 459-0675 8 /Using the phrase book 1888 Century Park East 410 Los Angeles, CA. (213)286-7980 fax (213) 286-1921 1 1 1 East Wacker Drive, Suite 306 Los Angeles ph. (171)235-2664 MALEV (Hungarian Airlines) 10 Vigo Street London S. This system does not attempt to give an accurate - but also problematical and tedious - representation of the sound system of the language, but instead uses common sound and letter combinations in English which are the closest to the sounds in the foreign languange.

(212) 582-7412 MALEV (Hungarian Airlines) 630 Fifth Avenue, New York, Rockefeller Center - Room 1900 ph. With this in mind we have designed a pronunciation system which is of the utmost simplicity to use. If you have to give personal details see "Meeting people", p. The other important answer to know is "Noth- ing": Semmi (shem-mee).

(171)493-0263 Australian addresses: Hungarian Consulate Sydney, Unit 6. We have found, also, that visitors to a foreign country are not usually concerned with perfect pronunciation - they just want to get their message across, to communicate! 1 77.] • You may be asked routine questions by the cusomts officials [see below].

(171)745-7093, 897-0461 IBUSZ (Hungarian Travel Bureau) 6 Conduit Street London WIR 9T6 ph. They may even help you, and correct you, in a friend- ly manner. shoy-nosh nem besz61ek magyarul nem beh-sailek mod-yor-ool csak egy kicsit besz&ek magyarul chok edj kee-cheet beh-sailek mod-yor-oohl nem 6rtem nem air-tem Kerem... meg tudn£ ezt ismetelni megh tood-noh est ish-may-telny nem tudna lassabban besz&ni? • Look out these signs: VAM (customs) HATAR (border) HATAR6RSEG (frontier police) [For further signs and notices, see p.

After all, natives you run into will take into account that you are foreigners, and visitors, and more than likely they will feel gratified by your efforts to communicate and will probably go out their way to try to under- stand you. • It's more useful to check that you have your documents handy for the journey: passport, tickets, money, traveler's checks, insurance documents, driving licence and car registration docu- ments.

(2) 328-7860, 328-7859 Useful addresses in Hungary: Embassy of the United States Budapest, V. We also believe that you don't have to have perfect pronunciation in order to make your- self understood in a foreign country. hodj heev-yaak est mod-yor-ool 14 /Crossing the border Crossing the border ESSENTIAL INFORMATION • Don't waste time just before you leave rehearsing what you are going to say to the border officials - the chances are that you won't have to say anything at all, especially if you travel by air.


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