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Their tastes and what attracts them are very straight-forward, but with fewer and fewer women staying at home these days Cancer men are increasingly lost in single life. I guess you can say they suck you in and make you feel like you are the one get all they want from you and move on.

They rarely go out—unless it is to work—and they shop online to keep communications to a minimum. He come to the door and I said "hey what's up can I come in? I have to say based on my personal experience they are the worst kind of player! My name is Hayley from Sydney, Australia and I'd like to know more about the Cancerian man..

If the man you have decided to pull in is a Cancer, the only possible way to succeed is to buy the house-next door. Because they make you fall in love with them before they toss you!! I hung up my cancer hat~In case you are wondering, I am a Cappy! Very Loyal and very secure in myself ;-) Maybe that was too much for the poor moody little crabs I dated ? I am a Leo lady and this is my first run-in with a Cancer man.

On top of all things comfortable—such as spongy cushions, cuddly-up blankets and rounded corners— throw in some audible water features. We talk quite often now still but recently we had a disagreement about himnot upholding plans we made on a saturday. Howcan he just think ill jump when he says, he plays too many games i told him. He told me he kept me far bc i have kids with another man and he doesn't want "babydaddy drama", which i have none...smh! Hes said things like, "he can make me who i want him to be", "were gonna still be next to each other when were 80 years old","even if i do marry another woman im still first in his life! (this was I think in 2005) Anyway We got home late. But I think I might be interested in an entirely different type of personality this time and I’d like to know what I'm likely to expect.

Once the house is ready, invite him over (perhaps to help with a household "emergency".) In most cases, he’ll never leave your home again, but if he does you’ll just have to sell-up and accept your losses. He wants to meet my kids and my mom but why if he just put me in the friendzone?? I text him and let him know I was at home if he wanted to come over. The next day I call, no answer, I text to see how he is.. Let me tell you a little about what has happened so far, it’s a little weird...{So, I am about as Aussie as you can get.

If you can’t be bothered to go to this extent, ask yourself: Is he worth it? Me not wanting to be hurt i stayed a little distant but i still loved him endlessly. He tells me he knows he will fall in love with me and imconfused. My ancestors came over here on the first fleet which is kind of cool and my descendants are from Denmark. We met one night at a trendy bar in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

I have never dated a Cancer but I have a crazy Cancer sibling. We end up having sex again and once again he tells mehow im the most incredible peaceful beautiful woman hes met since moving to the u.s. Since he put me in the friendzone i hear from him every other day, i see him a lot and we don't have sex we make love. One day I am with my cousin we went to see the movie Corpse Bride. This Cancer Man is half Greek, half Italian but born in Australia. I had just finished seeing an American man who had just left the country 2 days earlier as his Visa was up.

Being respectful I said well, I hope I haven't done anything to make you mad. Every time I meet a sweet guy he ends up being, yes a Cancer!! okay he is so sweet maybe it was just because of this or that!

Are you calling me stupid for liking yellow tabby cats!!? They will get in your brain and make you think you are going crazy because all of the sudden everything you say is wrong!

For the next 9 days he text randomly I was as sweet as any girl could possibly be and no matter what I said he would twist it into some horrible thing. One of them got mad and never got over it because I said yellow tabby cats were over rated!! If you do NOT agree with their likes and dislikes YOU BETTER JUST RUN AND HIDE!!

Not an hour later he text me and said Why wont you talk to me? I don't need or want your pitty, I think we need to "step back"! Great in the beginning and one day out of the blue MOODY MOODY MOODY for NO reason. What I have learned is that unless you ALWAYS agree with every little thing they say, you WILL hurt their feelings!!

My former doctor, whose been married 20+ years is a Cancer. We talked a few weeks then he disappeared for 3 monthz and went back to paris.(his birth place) to continue running his familybusiness. I got over it 50%.....until i get a text from him in march saying he just got back from paris. I couldn't believe he actually had the same number and he received all my messages etc. He says he cant make love without emotion so its clear he cares. Hes everything: succesful, driven, strong, dependable, SENSITIVE,expressive, open,etc. I was feeling pretty sad so I was determined to go out and have a good night with my girlfriend; therefore a pub crawl was in order.

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