Dating sites for weirdos

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... what I think is freaky is being hit on by boys of 18-22 when I am in my mid-50s.

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As a guy it makes me curious to know what the hell do these guys do or say that makes them freaky/strange/weird ... Yeah, there are weirdo's on POF, but hey, gives us all plenty to chat about on the forums! Their messages consisted of them pleading with me, trying to convince me that they were right for me (without having met me) and that "distance is no object when two people are right for one another" (except they wrote that last bit in text-speak!

Seems to me the approach they must have is not normal?? )New rules have stopped that, but I still get it on other sites.yes, OP...there are strange people on give you a classic example...i got an email last nite from a user that was convinced i am not me and that i am using someone elses pics..then went further and reported my main image..has now been deleted as an "inappropriate image" her actions...i have just been forced to take all my pics off..that are genuinely of me...i don't know this woman, and don't care to..clearly crazy people exist because you don't know who is going to land in your inbox in this place!

to me she has just acted rather strangely..i were going to pretend to be someone else...i'd have chosen a better looking face!

so yes, in answer to your OP...people on here can indeed be many things, not least of which is crazy!

:)edited to add...well, depending on what else she hopes to find to report me for, i have emailed a mod for some is absolutely beyond the pale!

someone random can just toddle along and make false accusations and MY account is the one that's put into jeopardy! I think there are a lot of troubled souls on here and out in the real world, we just have to use our own judgment to weed them out.

One person's weirdo will be another person's wonderful. I can be sensible when I want to be, but most of the time I am just weird :))VVVVSecondly, it's against forum rules to mention another user by name.

Lastly, this isn't the Bronx, it's the UK forums, we're a little more sedate this side of the Pond, but maybe the reason you're getting a lot of 'dogs looking for sex' is because you state clearly on your profile that you like to get drunk and go to bars, and that you're not looking for a relationship or any kind of commitment.^^^We even have someone's dog on here looking for sex, oooeerr that is odd, hope he's a pedigree Lets face it one man/womans strange is another's normal . I'll be damned if I know but there again I didn't have a normal upbringing ..... We need more of them and forget about all those who want to conform all the time to the norm, wishful thinking maybe.

I like a quirky character , not as nutty as a Dundee cake , but somewhere in the middle Sooo we have a roadtripping lady from the Bronx, who, according to her profile (first bit) doesn't drink, and then (about me) likes to get drunk, whilst slagging off other named users.... But then I have always found so called weird women more attractive, strangely only the misfits seem to be attracted to me too in the real world.

And I welcome them with open arms.weirdos , Passport Hunters they all exist.

I just find it funny younger guys tended to chase women 20-30 years their senior BUT mw used to chase women 20-30 years their junior on here. and then when they make another account to em , say something like Dear POF admin i apologise for what i'm about to sayto this person: will you kindly (followed by a tirade of expetives) and send.


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