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Having spent a few hours scrolling through the options I decided to go for a site which offered to introduce me to girls of a similar age: a very youthful 47!One thing I didn’t want was to jump back into a relationship but also I was too old for one night stands.

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Our goal is to help you seek, find, meet, date, befriend, chat with, and maybe love an ideal Chinese woman.

Here are some testimonials from a few people we've helped.

Best Over Time are those that warmed our hearts and also maybe are informative for new members. I wish to thank you for the straight forward ( no gimmicks) Service of your site.

Newest are just ones picked out by staff to upload because they happened to have a slow moment at the time we received them. If I find myself needing of this service in the future I certainly will be back. I have been videoing with the same girl everyday for the last 8 months, and am planning on travelling to China to meet.

I will certainly recommend your product if the occasion arises. I'd like the thank you for a great site, yours is the best and most honest by far.

Hi, I'd just like to thank you for running such a helpful site for people looking to meet up together.

I was very fortunate in that it did not take long to find the perfect girl on your pages. Aimee's English reading and writing ability was good which made for great conversation.

Her speaking and listening is a little behind but we manage OK.

We kept in touch everyday for 3 months until I could come to China to meet her.

I didn't mention I bought the ticket after our first video chat and only 2 weeks into knowing each other.

Things could have gone wrong being so hasty but I had a feeling everything was right.


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