Dating site reviews okcupid visitors

Users have found that simply adding a vaguely interesting profile image will make other users click through to their profile, which is enough to award them “hot” status.

Why is Ok Cupid sending emails informing people that they have reached some threshold of click-throughs? Users on a dating site won’t interact with each other unless they feel good about themselves.

And the easiest way for Ok Cupid to make you feel confident is by flattering you.

After a couple of weeks, and perhaps a few conversations with other members, Ok Cupid emails you with “Great news!

” This email looks like the result of complex analysis using Ok Cupid’s matching algorithm.

Technical language abounds, drawing you into the idea that people really do want you “so bad”. Almost every member of the site receives this complimentary message.

Even users who have only filled out a username, age and gender receive the exact same missive. ” simply means that you are not classed as a spam account.

The final stop on the Ok Cupid charm offensive is acceptance into the secret subset of “attractive members”.

The site sorts people into two different groups: hots and nots. Users that the site deems “hot” are hidden until you reach an unknown set of criteria.

Ok Cupid sends you an email when you reach “hot” status.

It’s comedy gold: While the message claims that you’re now considered one of the most attractive people on the service, that’s not true.

From there, you’ll learn about how appealing your personality is and how much people want you.


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