Dating site for widow and widowers

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I have lost two husbands and recently lost my fiancé, who I met online.

Why hasn't anyone developed a quality dating website specifically for widows and widowers?

Most websites are comprised of divorced people, who turn out to be "serial daters," although they profess to be interested in a long-term relationship.

I joined two websites, supposedly for widows and widowers. (no profiles about the men, difficult to maneuver, hardly any photos, etc.) Most widowed people had long, happy marriages and would like to meet like-minded people, who want the same, again.

Many people, on general sites, are divorced or never married, and have trust issues and/or are jumping from woman to woman.

I met my late fiancé on Seniorpeoplemeet, and went back to that site.

I have met some nice widowers, there, but they are few and far between. If there were a site for only widows and widowers, like there are for other specific categories, there would be a larger data base.

My Answer: Hi, Sorry, I have no real suggestions for you (besides Senior People which you already tried), for a widow/widower specific dating service.


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