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If you look at people today, you will begin to notice just how unique and individual each person's hair is.

There are so many different ways you can cut and color your hair that you could never have time to try them all.

All of the combinations of haircuts, hair colors, and hair styles seem unlimited so you could spend hours changing the look until you've reached perfection.

Give the girl a new hair style by taking her to a virtual hairdressing salon.

Give the girl a shampoo and conditioning and make her over.

There are so many choices when you take a girl to get her hair done.

Give the girl a beautiful up look or blow dry her hair straight or you can even curl it and make it look nice and voluptuous.

Either way make the girl feel beautiful inside and out.EDIT 2: 8/7/16: Hey guys, a sequel is out for this game! Again, this is totally not serious, just like my FNAF Dating Sims, Five Nights of Love:… For my belated April Fools joke, I proudly present... This plays like a lot of my other dating sims, and you walk around different rooms talking and interacting with characters from Undertale. If you want more endings/more characters, let me know! Currently, you may notice that you can only get an ending with Flowey.and Five Days At Jumpscare…EDIT: Since many people want to see new endings, I'll probably continue work on this game!Let me know if you want to help me write routes for characters (send me a note or comment!


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