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the sexuality of one partner might be used as an emotional and physical weapon against the asexuality of the other.As in the previous range of interviews the police is not considered a competent authority to tackle the problem of domestic and dating violence.

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A sexual partner can perpetuate many forms of emotional violence that leverages on shame and guilt, on misguided ideas that asexuality has something to do with mental health problems and hormonal imbalances.

Domestic and dating violence against asexual women can degenerate in the form of forced sexual intercourses, perpetuated with the idea that the “beneficiary” of the act will be initiated to the magic of sex, enlightened on its beauty and eventually healed.

According to AVEN [the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, the first established internet-based community to promote awareness on asexuality as an orientation], rape is dramatically escalating against asexual women and is often perpetuated by tehir partners.

As asexual activist Julie Sondra Decker points out in her book “The Invisible Orientation: An Intro to Asexuality”, “asexual people in relationships – especially women – face coercion and are at higher risk for sexual assault, which is often overlooked because outside observers may believe the aggressor deserves sex or that people who are in relationship are in constant state of consent and therefore are not capable of sexually assaulting each other”.

At present time, lack of understanding on asexuality as an orientation is observed both inside and outside the local LGBT* community.

According to Nadezda, domestic and dating violence against asexual women is often related to the lack of awareness on the subject.Most of the times not having access to resources and wrong models of behavior and education during the individual’s upbringing have an impact on those who perpetuate emotional and physical abuses.The notion of respect becomes inevitably distorted, i.e.Delving into the issue of domestic and dating violence against lesbians, bisexual women and transwomen, we have decided to talk to a member of the Lithuanian LGBT* community, whose orientation falls under the so called “asterisk” of the community.The orientation we are speaking about is asexuality.Since some members of the Lithuanian LGBT* community came out as asexual, the National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL has recently started working in raising visibility and awareness on asexuality as an orientation.


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