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De Vos said that was not entirely true because in March 2015 Zuma told parliament that: "Never have I thought of paying back the money."Zuma suggested that he would only be willing to pay back a portion of the money if the minister of police found that he was liable to do so.

De Vos said the second lie in Zuma's Friday statement was his wish to emphasise that he never knowingly or deliberately set out to violate the constitution.

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There is talk that he must go but we are divided on the process."The opposition parties represented in parliament are meeting tomorrow morning before the National Assembly's scheduled debate on Zuma's impeachment.

EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said they would allow parliament to decide after tomorrow's debate whether or not to recall Zuma."Some people have said the Constitutional Court will be reluctant to remove Zuma but should parliament, after the impeachment debate, not remove him as president of the country, we will head back to Constitutional Court."The court can order him to be removed," Ndlozi said.

ANC veterans and civil society have called for Zuma's resignation.

In an unprecedented move, the SA National Defence Union (Sandu) representing soldiers said Zuma could no longer be considered a fit and proper person to remain commander in chief of the SA National Defence Force.

It also said members of parliament were not fit to hold public office.

"Sandu, in the circumstances, calls on the commander in chief to be removed from his post and the parliamentary members to resign."President Jacob Zuma lied to the nation on Friday night when he apologised to South Africa following the Constitutional Court ruling.

This is according to constitutional expect Pierre de Vos who wrote on his blog that the Friday address displayed a rather lackadaisical approach to facts.

He said the first lie came when Zuma claimed he had consistently stated that he would pay an amount towards the Nkandla non-security upgrades once this had been determined by the correct authority.

This is the "tight corner" they find themselves in as the nation awaits their next move following the Constitutional Court's finding last week that Zuma failed to uphold, defend and protect the constitution.


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