Culinary camp for adults

"You can come back and be a very accomplished performer in your own kitchen," he says.

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Here’s your chance to learn from the pros – the celebrated chefs of NAIT – in an intensive, fun-filled culinary adventure.

Our chefs are chosen for their extensive industry experiences and their ability to share that knowledge in a supportive learning environment.

Don't worry, there won't be any kitchen nightmares here.

You can spend up to five days in NAIT's state of the art kitchens.

Several camps, on various topics, will guide you to new levels of skill.

You will learn theory, see demonstrations and most importantly create spectacular dishes.

You will learn the basics first however to ensure that your skill development is based on proven techniques.

Students will be required to pick up their course packages on Monday morning if their camp starts on Monday or Monday evening if their camp starts Tuesday morning.

For all camps, your course package will include During the week, you will be able to eat the fruits of your labours. There will also be opportunities to bring food home with you almost everyday. Mulitiple camps are happening throughout our kitchens each week.

Meals will have contributions from not just your group but from the other camps as well allowing you to taste what's going on in the camps around you.

At the conclusion of the week, your skills will be tested during a practical exam and your chef instructor will have the opportunity to see your skills in action. Unfortunately, our meat boot camp won't be running this year as the meat lab is getting an electrical overhaul. Enlist in NAIT’s initiation-level culinary boot camp courses and get ready for this one-of-a-kind learning experience!


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