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I used the good girl triangle of vices (starve, purge, cut) to survive high school.

On the eve of my 29th birthday, my friend Memphis gently nudged me in the direction of online dating.

We were at a Waffle House in East Nashville because I happened to be in town on assignment and at 2 AM in the South, that's where you go. Instead of talking about the loneliness that occupied my waking hours, I talked about work. That's part of the reason we've been such good friends for the last decade; None of the women in my friend circle talked about online dating openly, except her.

Many of us wanted to put ourselves out there because the people we interacted with everyday didn't create a functioning dating pool.

We all had fulfilling, demanding jobs but we self-identified as nerds who happened to outgrow our glasses and braces but never lost our adolescence gawky-ness.

I desired someone that appreciated me but saw the world differently and was passionate about connecting with different people, and their cultures.

An appreciation for foreign films and books wouldn't hurt.

That night we went back to her place and she helped me set up my profile. The goal was to be honest but intellectually scintillating. I was fine until I had to pick out my profile pictures.

Memphis told me I would get the best reactions if I highlighted my curves and my face.

I spent over an hour looking at pictures, determined to find one that met her requirements but met mine, too.

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