Craft camps for adults

Growing up, I would spend the summer anxiously awaiting the two weeks that I would spend at sleep-away camp.

I would carefully choose my two camp activities (horseback riding and art) and spend the weeks hanging out with horse, crafting, and enjoying summer. –Amy Image above: CAMP was founded in 2012 by Ginny Branch with fellow creatives Amy Osaba, Erica Loesing, Maria Taylor, and Max Le Blanc and was born from the desire to nurture the talents of designers/artists/photographers/stylists/creatives/makers.

(We love camp so much here at design*sponge that last summer we created an entire newspaper devoted to camp fun.) I love this new trend of summer camps for adults -you can find a summer camp in nearly every part of the country. Based in Atlanta, CAMP teaches crafternoons, day-workshops (natural dyeing with plants and spices, floral arranging/ upholstery 101/ beauty tutorials) and retreats like exploring The Worlds’s Longest Yardsale with our pickin’ pro and 3-day styling + photography workshops.

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Started in 2008, in New Hampshire, Squam is a place for exploring creativity. The next event is the Taproot Gathering (September 11 -September 15).

In 2012, the Squam concept traveled to Italy for Squam Italia!

a four-day creative-conference, already took place in California Sierra Mountains at the YMCA Camp at Big Bear, the event seemed awesome enough to mention here.

Each day, Campers attended scheduled classes and then had ‘free time’ where they could practice archery skills, go for a horseback ride, lounge by the pool or nap under a tree.

Send an email to [email protected] call us (802) 985-3648, Monday-Friday, 10AM-5PM.

In addition Sister-Arts Studio is dedicated to teaching and preserving the creative interests in all of us! Sister-Arts Studio carries an abundant selection of high quality craft kits suitable for ages 2 through adult. S Commerce Association"Best of Local Business" in Hobby Shop Category Sister Arts Studio, Inc. Creative Kits, Creative Classes, Creative Parties & Creative Camps for Children and Adults.Sign up for the newsletter to be notified of the next Camp experience.CIT and Volunteers During summer camp, we invite a few selected junior artisans (ages 15 and up) to help us out and be part of this amazing creative experience, for more info please email us at [email protected] On the first day, we meet as a group (all camps) we go over expectations, introduce all staff and give guided tours. After that we break into our smaller groups and go into the studios. old have snack break 10- am, with play time, once the kiddos are inside, the older groups meet outside for their break. old kids get picked up, and then the older kids break for an hour lunch, free play, and activity.

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