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It also breaks the earth into 180 degrees in the North/South direction (90° North and 90° South), which is the Latitude component.

Each degree can be divided into 60 minutes and each minute can be further sub-divided into 60 seconds. In computer applications, it is often easier to work with a coordinate single value, so a location can be expressed using just the Degrees, with the minutes and seconds expressed as a decimal. Typically, when using Degree Minutes and Degree Minute Seconds notation, North/South and East/West are displayed explicitly, while in Decimal Degrees, positive values indicate North and East, while negative values indicate South and West (see examples).

Specifying a Latitude/Longitude location using the Degrees, Minutes and Seconds gives the Degree Minutes Seconds (DDD MM SS. Alternatively, a location may be expressed using Degrees and Minutes, where the Minutes include a decimal portion. The following are examples of ways the same Location can be displayed in Longitude/Latitude: The Latitude/Longitude system is good for looking at locations on a global scale, but is often not as easy to work with, when working in a small area.

For example, it is not easy to determine the distance between two points given in Latitude/Longitude format.

Another coordinate system, used for small area mapping is the UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) system.

In UTM, the earth is divided into 60 zones along the equator, and 22 bands in the North/South direction.

Each zone basically has its own coordinate system based on the centre (central meridian), of the zone.

The central meridian is given a value of 500,000 meters east.

This Coordinate Converter converts between various geographic coordinate systems, and then displays the location on a Google Map.


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