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Dear Group, We have a 7206VXR Router in which we are facing problem that sometimes router doesn't forward authentication request to AAA and a message appear " %BCM-4-ECC_MEMORY: Corrected ECC from memory ".

Endpoints are defined by specifying an address, a binding, and a contract.

For example, metadata exchange endpoints always use the IMetadata Exchange contract.

Other endpoints, such as always require a specified endpoint behavior.

The usability of an endpoint can be improved by having endpoints with default values for commonly used endpoint properties.

Standard endpoints enable a developer to define an endpoint that has default values or where one or more endpoint’s properties does not change.

Some other properties will have static values that cannot change.

The following example shows how to implement a standard endpoint.public class Custom Endpoint : Service Endpoint { public Custom Endpoint() : this(string.Empty) { } public Custom Endpoint(string address) : this(address, Contract Description.These endpoints allow you to use such an endpoint without having to specify information of a static nature.Standard endpoints can be used for infrastructure and application endpoints.A service may expose endpoints with some of the properties not explicitly implemented by the service author.


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  5. As a result, the Web address for pages and documents in our site has changed from to https://.

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