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Could Nicole Kidman’s marriage with Keith Urban be in jeopardy yet again? But these two are very close,” the outlet is quoted, before making the allegation that Nicole may have staged the idea of having the crew think she’s in love with Farrell in order to make her husband jealous.

Keith doesn’t shy away from the fact that his relationship has had its fair share of struggles, but in the end, Nicole Kidman and her husband have always managed to bounce back from whatever seemed to trouble them at the time.

Keith’s confession would evidently lead to the media’s fascination on supposed cheating and divorce rumors.

The latest report regarding Nicole’s hot chemistry with Colin Farrell is no different.

With that said, the actress is said to have finished shooting for the film quite a while ago, and whether or not she has remained in contact with Colin since is unclear.

concludes by saying that Nicole couldn’t be reckless enough to openly flirt with Colin Farrell on the set of their latest film, insinuating that she probably played along with the idea of being in love with Colin in a cheap move to allegedly get back at Keith for what he is rumored to have done to her over the past couple of years.

The movie “Winter’s Tale” is out Friday, and who better to star in the swoony love story than Colin Farrell, the man who’s experienced countless romantic dramas (and a few comedies) in real life?

The 37-year-old actor claims a reputation as one of Hollywood’s great womanizers.

But he wields his Irish charm so deftly that most of his conquests (and attempted conquests) seem to have nothing but nice things to say about him. romantic relationship I had [at the time], which was never consummated,” he told De Generes.

Here, a look back at some of Farrell’s most notorious hookups: In an interview with Ellen De Generes late last year, Farrell told her how he’d wanted to be Taylor’s eighth husband, “but we ran out of road.” (Taylor passed away in 2011.) He met the actress when she was 75 and he was 34, after a chance encounter in the hospital, when his son was being born and she was having a heart operation. The British author wrote about an anonymous actor love — “my gypsy husband” — in her 2011 memoir, “Your Voice in My Head.” Pretty much every review of the book, though, pegged the man as Farrell.

The two forged a friendship that involved heart-to-hearts on the phone. The two met in LA as he was promoting his 2008 film “In Bruges,” and fell quickly in love.

Six months in, she wrote, Farrell told her: “When I get back from this film, let’s have a miniature human that grows.

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