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Thank you for your kindness and also thank your team. Kotecha, I wanted to send you some news of my treatment.

I will give you the results as soon as I get them and we could discussed when you think that I have to come again at your place. I really feel better, overall lighter and more dynamic.

I have no heartburn, it only comes back very occasionally. The joint pains, in part due to my fibromyalgia, have decreased.

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I continue to take iron, halibut liver oil, probiotics, and magnesium. I should have enough of your treatment until the end of September; no problem for the capsules but I may run out of the little powder balls.

I'm going to do an Ayurvedic treatment for five days in September with Stéphanie Nataf.

I think she will ask you to if you have any advice concerning me.

With many thanks for this wonderful treatment and all your follow-up.

They punctioned the ganglion that was completely normal for the shape and the size with no anomaly visible.

They had practiced an echography at my ganglion in the throat and also at the metastasis in my back.I will have the result of the ana-pathology in about 15 days.They didn't succed to punction the metastasis in the back but the size is a little bit smaller (7mm instead of 9mm).So for the moment I am just waiting to know what they will plan for after!!!But the best thing I would like to tell you is that I feel so good since I came back.Like you said, every body told me that I look 10 years younger . I don't have seen Marie Agnès so I don't give her allready the medecines but I should meet her this week end.


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