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Vanessa's innocence was forever ripped away when she witnessed Sir Malcolm and her mother in one of their sexual escapades, and this became the start of a bitter falling out between the two families.She grew to resent Mina for all her good fortune, and began to demonstrate some scandalous habits, having kissed Peter out of turn and having a sexual escapade of her own with Mina's fiancé.Her downward spiral became most evident when she fell victim to the possession of an evil spirit, which eventually led to the death of her mother.

Vanessa Ives is the female lead character of Penny Dreadful.

She is poised, mysterious, and utterly composed, Vanessa is a seductive and formidable beauty full of secrets and danger.

She is keenly observant - clairvoyant even - as well as an expert medium, and has lent her talents to Sir Malcolm Murray in his search for his daughter, Vanessa's childhood friend Mina Murray.

Her supernatural gifts are powerful and useful to those around her, but they are also a heavy burden.

Her inner demons are very real to her and everyone around her, and they threaten to destroy her relationships, her sanity and her very life.

Vanessa was born to Gordon and Claire Ives, a wealthy family who were neighbours to the Murray Family.

As a child she had an extremely close relationship with the Murray girl Mina, a relationship with a bond closer than sisters.

Vanessa also had a close relationship with Mina's older brother Peter Murray, who she intended to marry when she was older.

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Penny Dreadful is a frightening psychological thriller that weaves together the monsters of classic stories.


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