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Lori Cheek brings a service called Cheek’d, the next big thing in online dating, into the Shark Tank in episode 517 on February 28.

Cheek’d is more like online dating in reverse – you sign up for the service and you’re sent a stack of cards the size of business cards.

Each card has “pick up lines” on them along with a code.

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Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) interviews female founders about success stories, inspirations and motivations as women entrepreneurs.

By Kelly Hoey (Co-Founder & Managing Director, WIM) Meet Lori Cheek – architect turned entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Cheek’d, the reverse engineered dating site coined by the New York Times as “the next generation of online dating.” Women Innovate Mobile talks with Lori about her site Cheek’d: Lori Cheek: “I’ve always had ‘the itch,’ but it was kind of an accident that it happened so drastically.

After working in architecture, furniture and design for 15 years for companies such as Christian Dior, Vitra & Karkula, I came up with an idea that lead me into the NYC World of Tech and am now solving missed connections one card at a time.” Lori Cheek: “The most memorable story to date would probably be the call from Oprah Winfrey’s studio after they’d read about my business in the New York Times.

They asked for a deck of cards and a photo of me followed by a short phone interview. I called my parents to tell them and they couldn’t even understand what I was trying to say, then my mom couldn’t stop crying which made me start crying all over again.

I couldn’t believe my ‘little’ dating card idea had lead to a call from Oprah.

My life has pretty much been turned inside out (in the most amazing way) from that day forward.” Lori Cheek: “Despite the soaring popularity of online dating, there’s one inherent flaw: You never really know whom (or what) you’re going to get. Nearly 40 million of those are looking for love on the internet.

After spending hours at work behind a computer, the millions of online shoppers head home to get behind yet another computer to spend the evening looking for love in solitude.

Cheek’d introduces real-life spontaneity to online dating and the cards offer a real purpose and advantage to other online dating sites and expand a subscriber’s dating opportunities beyond the pool of people registered with an online dating service.

By bringing the social aspect back into dating and moving it from your computer to your everyday life, Cheek’d is giving its members an opportunity to leverage technology without completely depending on it, while promoting a safe and playful interaction in the physical world at a time when virtual interaction is growing and online privacy is scarce.


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