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When this company, James Russel closed in 2002, nothing was left of the famous Charatan pipes of old.

The pipe also had the so called “double comfort” tapered stem, which was introduced in 1960 Just after this one, I won a bid (which I actually didn’t thought I would), that of a Reuben-era Charatan 101 Special.

Il nome di Charatan lo troviamo accanto a quello della "City" di Londra fin da quando la società fu fondata, più di un secolo fa.

Da allora in poi, infatti, le pipe sono state realizzate all'interno dei suoi confini.

La City è il famoso "one square mile" (miglio quadrato), la Londra primigenia che i Romani chiamarono Londinium e dove tracce della loro occupazione sono ancora visibili.

The Charatan pipes brand was founded in 1870 circa.

by a Russian immigrant to the UK, Frederick Charatan.

At first he produced Meerschaum pipes but later produced briar pipes for the Russian market.

He is known to produce exquisite handcrafted pipes. After Frederick’s retirement, his son, Reuben took over the production and followed his father’s tradition of handmade high quality pipes.

After Charatan’s acquaintance with Herman Lane, Lane became the sole distributor of Charatan pipes in the US.

Lane later bought Charatan after Reuben’s death and saved the company from its struggling business.

Again Dunhill stepped on the seen by buying the London production of Charatan.


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