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Acidic precursors are slightly different versions of cannabinoids that, under the right conditions, change to become the familiar molecules used to medicate or gain euphoria for millions of patients. It is the most common and abundant cannabinoid (by volume) in most When heat is applied to THC-A, as from the flame of a lighter during smoking or the hot air stream produced by a vaporizer, this precursor drops a carbon dioxide (COO) cluster to become everyone’s favorite molecule, THC (this process is called , CBC-A, and CBG-A, respectively.All of these acidic precursors are themselves born from CBG-A.In this aspect, CBG-A is a mother of many critical and medicinal cannabinoids.

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In fact, cannabis would offer zero euphoric value and be of very little medicinal significance if it weren’t for these particular cannabinoids.

in Israel revealed that cannabis puts Crohn’s into full remission in about 50 percent of cases — yet many states in the U. continue to exclude this severe condition from their medical cannabis laws.

This article could easily transmogrify into a 5,000 word academic treatise.

As an alternative, readers are encouraged to investigate the links embedded herein to understand the tremendous efficacy of cannabinoids like Understanding the basic chemical components of cannabis involves the reward of targeted therapy, harm reduction, and enhanced anxiety relief—even for those relegated to playing black market bingo in prohibitionist states.

in the human body can help save money—or, at least, help one spend the same money on a considerably more satisfying blend of cannabinoids and terpenes that best fit their personal metabolism, preferences, and condition.

In the world of botany and biology, chemicals beget chemicals beget chemicals.Molecules morph under certain conditions—such as heat, light, and oxidation, to become slightly modified cousins of themselves.While their new chemical structure might be only slightly different, it is often enough to cause a dramatic shift in medicinal efficacy for patients or a different psychoactive effect for adult users. Not just those with terminal cancer or severe epilepsy, but also any human, with any ailment, that involves an imbalance in their endocannabinoid system.I just got off the phone with a friend in Humboldt County, California.Some gardeners in this pinnacle cannabis cultivation region are focusing on veterans with PTSD who have suffered severe trauma.

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