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The Bombardment of Alexandria in Egypt by the British Mediterranean Fleet took place on 11–13 July 1882.

On 11 June, anti-Christian riots began in Alexandria.

The city's European residents fled and the Egyptian ‘Urabist army began fortifying and arming the harbor.

An ultimatum to cease this build-up being refused, the British fleet began a 10½-hour bombardment of the city without French assistance.

Historians argue about whether Admiral Seymour exaggerated the threat from the Egyptian batteries at Alexandria in order to force the hand of a reluctant Gladstone administration.

‘Urabi organized a militia and marched on Alexandria.

Meanwhile, the European powers gathered in Constantinople to discuss reestablishing the power of the Khedive and an Anglo-French fleet was ordered to the port of Alexandria.The Egyptians began reinforcing and upgrading their fortifications and the British House of Commons ordered ships to be temporarily dispatched from the Channel Fleet to Malta under Admiral Seymour's command.On 20 May the combined Anglo-French fleet, consisting of the British battleship HMS Invincible, the French ironclad La Galissonnière and four gunboats arrived in Alexandria.Once the British had attacked the city, they then proceeded to a full-scale invasion to restore the authority of the khedive.Egypt remained under British occupation until 1956.In 1869, Khedive Ismail of Egypt inaugurated the Suez Canal, which was a joint venture between the Egyptian Government and the French-led Suez Canal Company.


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