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The Soberistas’ Personal Stories are a vital element of the website.

From age twenty-seven to my early fifties, I consumed alcohol, but did not consider myself a problem drinker.

From my late forties to mid-fifties, my drinking gradually increased, and then escalated one to two years ago when my role as a supervisor became more stressful.

With the assistance of a therapist, and approximately twenty authors and bloggers who have written about alcohol dependence and moderating alcohol use, I have significantly reduced my alcohol use and am considering going alcohol-free (AF).

My transformation started when I went to see a therapist for reasons I could not clearly articulate.

I’m relatively small, so this quantity was enough to make me drunk.

When pursuing my life of alcohol overconsumption, I justified my drinking as self-medication to make anxiety go away.My logic went: (1) medication in response to anxiety is a good thing, (2) wine is medication, so (3) I am helping myself by drinking wine.Note—I was drinking to the point of inebriation several nights a week.All I knew was that something bad and unfair had happened at work, I felt terrible, and needed help.Plus, I was worried about a recurring anxiety dream and wanted to talk about what it might mean.Three months ago, I was fortunate to land in the office of a wise, kind therapist who was able to patch together my tear-filled story, make sense of it, remember it, and offer insights and suggestions for positive change.

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