Cambodian sex tourist

Drugged and threatened A woman stood just behind the girls, hovering like a hawk. drive-by, during which the children were hidden out of sight. The children were occasionally prodded forward by their hovering caretaker, who wanted to make sure they weren't missed by potential customers.My World Vision Cambodia colleague told me that the girls had likely already been paired with other customers during the day.

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One of the toughest things to see was that this area was full of tourists. They were there to enjoy the temples, scenery and night life, not worry about the country's "problems." What could they do to change things, anyway?

Kindly looking folks, who could have walked straight out of my Toronto neighbourhood. They strolled along the brightly lit side of the street, holding hands, happily chatting about where to grab a late-night bite. The face of a sex offender We tend to assume that the tourists who abuse children are pedophiles, people with a clinical disorder and an exclusive sexual inclination for pre-pubescent children.

We imagine them carefully planning their trips, with children front and centre.

But the fact is, the majority of child sex tourists are in fact "situational offenders".

Summer is a time when thousands of Canadians travel abroad to escape the pressures of daily life.

They join tourists from around the world, to visit exotic places such as Thailand.But a tourist's dream can be a nightmare for a child living in one of these places.An estimated two million children around the world are sexually exploited each year -- often at the hands of tourists or travelers visiting their homeland.Children living in developing countries are often forced or trafficked to "tourist spots" like the kinds you see in the posters, to earn money through prostitution.They're deceived, manipulated and tricked into situations where tourists and travelers can exploit them body, mind and soul.I had read about this brutal reality before travelling to Cambodia and Thailand a couple of years ago with World Vision.


  1. Dziękuję za gratulacje nareszcie powstał wątek i czekam na inne Marcóweczki, niektóre się niedługo dowiedzą, niektóre już wiedzą!

  2. A CSRA é a única entidade autorizada a fornecer esses serviços nesse país em nome do Departamento de Estado dos E. Não é dado preferência maior a nenhum indivíduo ou companhia . Caso o viajante possua planos de viagem imintentes, esse poderá solicitar um agendamento de emergência.

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