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Scruff, a British DJ who lent many of his songs to the game.

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Players can manipulate objects in the world and can tilt an i Phone or i Pod Touch to move the Rolandos through the stage.

The player rolls the Rolandos either one at a time or in groups, selected by drawing boxes over the intended Rolandos.

By swiping one's finger up, the selected Rolandos jump.

The player gets help from the Rolando commandos, an elite group of sticky balls that grip surfaces and defy gravity.

In contrary to normal Rolandos, these creatures can also stick to the ceiling.

This game also features tutorial levels in the first world, which explain the controls and how to play.One may be very familiar with the controls, but it will take a long time to master them.The soundtrack for Rolando is largely from the discography of Mr.Rolando is a puzzle-adventure video game developed by Hand Circus and published by ngmoco.It was released for the i OS on December 18, 2008, and uses the Box2D game engine.Rolando's gameplay revolves around navigation of "Rolandos", small ball-like creatures, throughout a fictional world known as "Rolandoland".

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