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In this scene, Bond meets Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo, whom he rescues when she makes a risky wager at the roulette tables.

Connery is back again, this time in his sixth and final portrayal of Bond.

In this movie, he heads to Las Vegas and hits the craps table at a fictional casino, Whyte House, which is named after the mysterious casino owner, Willard Whyte.

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Like the others that came before it, Spectre is bound to impress, wow, and deliver the unique thrill ride that can only come from a 007 film.

However, while it is sure to be entertaining, some may wonder if the movie will feature a casino scene, like many of the other bond films that have come before it. Aside from providing viewers with a glimpse of a luxury setting, some of the best scenes in James Bond movies happen in casinos.

Although you won’t find Bond at a casino in every movie, casinos are commonly associated with the fictional secret agent, about as much as “shaken, not stirred” dry martinis.

The likely reason for this is that Ian Fleming, who created the character and wrote the original series of books, made Chemin-de-fer Bond’s preferred game.

Chemin-de-fer is a variation of the casino card game Baccarat, and is also considered to be the original/old fashioned version of the game.

While Chemin-de-fer is 007’s preferred card game, in the movies he does engage in other gambling games, such as Texas Hold’em in Casino Royale.

The very first Bond movie introduces the James Bond lifestyle: taking on dangerous missions, loving beautiful women, enjoying a dry martini (shaken, not stirred), relaxing in a hot climate, battling bizarre villains, and playing at the casino.

In fact the movie opens up with Bond, played by Sean Connery, in the fictional Le Cercle Casino in London. While at the table, he notices a lady (the first “bond girl,” Sylvia Trench), who has been observing him play.

After nonchalantly opening his cigarette case, he gazes into her eyes and introduces himself; delivering arguably the most famous 007 line, “Bond...


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