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Quick to slip in the presence of a pretty face, Prince fell ‘in love’ on more than one instance as he expressed his feelings for both Yuvika Choudhary and Nora Fatehi while on the show.

He fostered strong relationships with Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant.

The audience has had its say and out of Prince Narula, Mandana Karimi, Rishabh Sinha and Rochelle Rao, the winner is… The man, known for his fights and flirting, emerged victorious on Saturday night even as Rishabh Sinha was announced as the first runner-up.

Prince won Rs 35 lakh as prize money out of which he donated Rs 5 lakh to host Salman Khan’s charity Being Human.

With Bigg Boss 9, Prince is the new reality TV star - he won Roadies X2 and Splitsville 8 and was the second runner-up in Mr Punjab 2014.

Now, he wants to move on to acting and fiction shows.

“After having a successful run in reality shows, next I want to enter the fiction genre. Before coming to Bigg Boss, I was going through the script of two new shows.

I had also signed them, but because of Bigg Boss, I was not able to start shooting for them.So, now soon I’ll start working on them,” Prince said. But yes they are fictional ones and will show me as an actor for the first time onscreen. Speaking about co-contestant Nora Fatehi, Prince said, “I am with Nora.We are dating each other and trying to know each other more...She is similar to me and she came on the show at a time when I was feeling low. In such a house, when someone is nice to you, it is easy to get attracted.I said ‘I love you’ to her, which meant I love the person she is.” “I also told her in private that unlike other reality show couples, I want to carry our relationship even outside the house.So, now we are spending time with each other and we are seeing how good we are for each other,” he added.


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