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This obligation was known as the "Depot Légal" (legal or copyright deposit) and its creation marks a fundamental date in the history of the library, even though the decree was by no means uniformly enforced in the early stages.

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Due to the rapid growth of its collections and the development of research in general, the collection at the rue de Richelieu site outgrew it's environs some 25 years ago and has been hard-pressed to fulfill its various missions.

In 1988, it was decided that a new facility would be built in the l3th arrondissement of Paris, now called the Francois Mitterrand site.

With this new building and 3,600 reading units, the capacity of the library is significantly increased. Whether this is your first trip to France or your fourth, we are here to help you plan your tours and activities, in and out of Paris.

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Catalogues des manuscrits syriaques et sabéens (mandaïtes) de la Bibliothèque nationale.

La ville de Bordeaux a confié à la Bibliothèque nationale de France le soin de numériser l’une des plus précieuses de ses pièces : l’Exemplaire dit de Bordeaux des "Essais" de Montaigne.

Publié en 1588 et largement annoté par l’auteur jusqu’à sa mort, en 1592, le volume a fait l’objet d’une expertise technique et d’une numérisation sur mesure au Centre de conservation Joël-le-Theule de la Bn F.

The mission of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France is to collect and conserve all works published in France, regardless of media, with the explicit purpose of making them available to researchers and professionals.

Under French law, all publishers must deposit several copies of each work they publish in the Bibliotheque Nationale de France.

History of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France In 1368, Charles V, "the Wise", had his own personal library moved into the Louvre, in the Tour de la Fauconnerie.


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