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As one who has written many speeches for others, I can tell you to start with "Congratulations." You might like to continue by commending your co-worker for all the traits which (s)he contributes to an enjoyable workplace: lending a hand where needed, boosting morale by being cheerful, looking for solutions instead of laying blame (for example)? I will be recognized for the 15 years of service with the company. I always found the best speeches were very short and included lots of thanks to other people/companies for their assistance/contributions.My General Manager received an award recently and being the Sales Manager, I have been chosen to give a speech on behalf of the employees for our GM. I have to provide a 4-5 sentence statement about my experience with the company that will be published in the company newsletter. Presuming your 15 years with the company have been good ones, MN, why not concentrate your remarks on thanking the individuals who i) recognized your ability and took the opportunity to hire you, ii) those among your co-workers who helped you with projects through the years, iii) anyone who mentored you / helped your career and perhaps iv) the owner(s) who provide jobs and products / services. I will be receiving an award for being the best popular student of an accounting class at the 2015 graduation from Bayero University in Kano, Nigeria. Also nice if you know of any actual "deed" where someone benefited from this "merger" between your company and the schools. Google a short question: need help with receiving a reward speech. An interesting story that illustrates your work with them would be good; as would a funny story, as long as it makes everyone involved feel good, not embarrassed. Sounds like a very nice "honor" for anyone/company to receive. It's been a great course and I've made some good friends. I am very hesitant about how I will do, as I have never given a speech anywhere. By jitender from India Be sure and say how grateful you are for the good working relationship you with the schools, and thank them for the honor. I'm really pleased and proud to receive this award. If you are good at speaking to an audience you could bring in something memorable that happened on the course and perhaps thank the tutors. One of colleges among them invited us to a seminar function and award function where I will receive an award on behalf of my branch and I have to say some words there. I am an officer in a bank and my branch has accounts of all the schools and colleges in that area.

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