Best online dating hong kong

Date Tix is a mobile and location-based social platform to meet new people for in person and on-demand dates.

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The concept is simple: you download the app onto your smartphone, sign in via your Facebook account (don’t worry, it won’t post anything to your profile) and it’ll locate potential people in your area that you either “like” (swipe right) or “dislike” (swipe left).

If both of you “like” each other, you’ll then be allowed to chat.

I know what you’re thinking: no one needs an app to find a hook-up, all you have to do is head to a bar and take your pick.

However, despite popular belief, Tinder “was never meant to be used for hooking up,” according to 27-year old co-founder Justin Matteen.

“We just did a poll recently, and a tiny percentage of our users think that’s what Tinder is for,” Matteen revealed in an interview with The Huffington Post. So even if we had tried to create it for that, it wouldn’t have worked.” Deciding to see what all the fuss was about, I hesitantly abandoned my anti-online dating stance to take a swipe at this wildly popular dating app.

The useful thing about Tinder is that it targets younger individuals who are always on the go so it only shows you a condensed version of what you’d usually see on other dating websites — their name, age, shared interests, mutual Facebook friends and a small tagline.

After downloading the app four weeks ago, I’ve had 46 matches and “chatted” with 21 of them.

While the “hot or not” interface is incredibly superficial, it does wonders for your ego each time a model-worthy guy or girl likes you back — and if they don’t, the great thing is they’ll never know you liked them in the first place.

What you’ll notice about Tinder is that everyone — and I mean everyone — seems to be on here.


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