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The first crack in their guise is when they pass round a form asking people to fill in the nature of their business and what they want to achieve.They say they will have a 1-to-1 with EVERYONE tomorrow and give them a personalised tip, a “blueprint” for their business which apparently is worth 00 an hour from JT Foxx.

Later it sinks in – you notice a type of cockiness and self-praise which truly successful multi-millionaires simply don’t possess.

You are sat down at tables in a small group with water and a notepad.

Raymond comes on first and starts teaching some really basic material which is mostly full of common sense and frankly if you haven’t learned it at school or haven’t already figured this out, you shouldn’t be running a business.

There isn’t a thing he goes through which isn’t free on thousands of websites if you search well enough for some basic business strategy and management tips.

Next a grandiose introduction is given for this infamous mister “JT Foxx” – the name sounds more like a dodgy stock broker doesn’t it – from broke he’s apparently made millions in months but somehow you never heard of him.

This tall guy with swagger struts on the stage with his hands in his pockets and starts telling you the facts of life.

He’s 31 by the way and has apparently gone from - to +$unknown in 6 years.

He will avoid any question about his net worth and his rise to fame by talking a load of rubbish back at you for at least 10 minutes at about 20% faster than you can possibly listen. All self-made men are actually proud to tell you their story.

Now as I said at the top this list is not complete, it was one of the first topics I posted when I started the blog last year.


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