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In economics jargon, that phenomenon is called signaling.

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Only 24 years old, she has already tried (and subsequently broken up with) JDate,, Ok Cupid and Christian Mingle.

Looking back on conversations with potential suitors and a few awkward first dates, Blomquist is uncertain about what went wrong.

She said she was frustrated by missed connections and the men who weren't all that their profile claimed they would be."I really value transparency," Blomquist said.

"I feel like the yes/no/maybe options (dating sites) give you for your profile aren't really fair."Now, she is trying to enjoy the time she has to be single to get to know herself and what she wants out of life.

It's an approach that could have spared Blomquist and likely thousands of others like her who feel they wasted time and money trying to find love and companionship online.

Researchers of the online dating phenomenon have found a disciplined consumer strategy, rather than casual browsing, can result in success and satisfaction.Paul Oyer, a labor economist and experienced online dater, believes the key to feeling better may be feeling less.By stripping away emotion and focusing on facts like time invested and ultimate goals, online daters can get the most out of their online dating experience and make smarter decisions about the money they spend."I don't think you have to pay for a site these days to do well," he said."But if you are really focused on committed, long-term relationships, paying money makes a little more sense."Dating in a digital age's 2014 update to its annual "Singles in America" study highlighted the transformation taking place within American dating culture.Today, one-in-four relationships begin online, and one-in-five new marriages are between couples who met on an online dating site.The survey, which compiled the responses of more than 5,300 singles ages 18 to 70 plus, also noted that singles now spend, on average, .69 each month on matchmaking services like subscriptions to online dating sites.


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