Being approachable dating websites

Here's an overview of the various breaches that have been consolidated into this site.

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The data was sold and traded before 000webhost was alerted in October.

The breach included names, email addresses and plain text passwords.

Compromised data: Email addresses, IP addresses, Names, Passwords In April 2016, customer data obtained from the streaming app known as "17" appeared listed for sale on a Tor hidden service marketplace.

The data contained over 4 million unique email addresses along with IP addresses, usernames and passwords stored as unsalted MD5 hashes.

The breach included a raft of personal information on registered users plus despite assertions of not distributing personally identifiable information, the site also leaked the IP addresses used by the registered identities.

Compromised data: Email addresses, Genders, Geographic locations, IP addresses, Passwords, Usernames, Website activity, Years of birth and 745k user accounts were subsequently leaked publicly.

The compromised data included email addresses, user birth dates and passwords stored as a salted MD5 hash.

Compromised data: Dates of birth, Email addresses, Homepage URLs, Instant messenger identities, IP addresses, Passwords In July 2015, the infidelity website Ashley Madison suffered a serious data breach.

Compromised data: Device information, Email addresses, IP addresses, Passwords, Usernames In November 2014, the acne website suffered a data breach that exposed over 430k forum members' accounts.

The data was being actively traded on underground forums and included email addresses, birth dates and passwords.

Compromised data: Dates of birth, Email addresses, IP addresses, Passwords, Usernames password and a password hint in plain text.


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