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Robbie Zama Mellows Jewelry design has been a hobby for Robbie for many years.

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She incorporates sterling silver artwork, precious and seim-precious gemstones and found objects in her designs.

All of the beads are hand-selected gemstones with hand-crafted artisan sterling silver findings.

“An invaluable resource for the lay reader and the health care professional.

Should be required reading for students of speech-language pathology learning about dysphagia as well as in other areas of health care such as CNA and OT programs.

The book’s straightforward language and clear terminology are accompanied by sixteen well-labeled illustrations of the swallowing process.

Each chapter ends with a summary of important terms and information for quick reference or review.

The authors’ comprehensive approach to this quality of life issue extends to their thoughtful decision to publish the book in large print that can be read comfortably by both elderly patients and their middle-aged or aging children and spouses.

A thoughtful, pre-written “Letter for Your Doctor” lists swallowing problems and provides space to list hospitalizations, medical conditions, and medications.

This is must reading for anyone working with patients diagnosed with dysphagia or anyone whose swallowing is (or might be) compromised.

To the authors, thank you for empowering us as advocates for our patients and our family members! D., CCC-SLP Associate Professor Department of Communication Disorders North Carolina Central University Durham, North Carolina “What an eye-opener!

Who knew a runny nose could actually be a clue to having a life-threatening swallowing problem?


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