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Colonized by a catholic country, Brazilians have recently been open to different religions, what has led to a constant migration among beliefs and practices.

This introduction of Catholicism to indigenous people was very violent and nearly erased all the religious and cultural features of these communities.

This is why we don’t see indigenous communities among the major religions practiced in Brazil.

As Brazil was shaping its cultural identity and immigrants began to arrive, new religious patterns have started to be developed.

Apart from the Portuguese, Brazil was also strongly colonized by African people, who came to the country as slaves.

These people brought their traditions and beliefs that later on were to be incorporated to the Brazilian culture and identity.

In the 20th century the massive arrival of Japanese people along with other Asians (such as Koreans and Chinese) brought different religious practices into the country and the intensive process of globalization has provided the opportunity of getting in touch with several different religions and practices.

According to the last census, the Brazilian population is constituted by: According to a study made by Galileu magazine, there are 125,5 million Catholics in Brazil.

The Brazilian Catholic Church has 10.218 parishes, 298 bishops and 18.685 priests.

Utilizamos a Internet para romper barreiras geográficas e culturais para formar esta grande rede de oração.

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