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It is better to marry than to burn, advised St Paul, demonstrating how little he thought of female sexuality.The boy god needed a pure vessel, unfilthied by sexual experience.

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And why are journalists such as yourself concealing her religious affiliations?

Like other commentators, Hills focuses on Tankard Reist’s pro life feminism.

There’s been a lot of twitter chatter over the last few days about who is and isn’t a feminist, and there’s plenty of women who don’t believe that anyone who is anti abortion can also be a feminist.

That’s not the argument I’m going to have here, because for me what is far more important than whether or not Tankard Reist is a feminist (whatever that word means, very little I sometimes fear) are her religious beliefs, and the way in which they determine her beliefs about human sexuality. Their belief system includes the second coming of Christ, end times, evangelism, and the belief most relevant to this post and a central tenet of the Baptist faith: the Virgin Birth.

Tankard Reist believes that the woman chosen to bring the boy god Jesus into the world was a virgin.

Mary did not conceive the baby Jesus through sexual intercourse.

The boy god required a fresh, unsullied virgin to inhabit throughout his gestation. Because the followers of the doctrine of the virgin birth believe that sex filthies the human female, and renders her impure.

The inherent impurity of female sexuality can be tempered by the sacrament of Christian marriage, wherein sex is a means of reproduction, and offers relief for the male.

When the new year begins you wonder how was your sex life last year? Do I like the range of sexual practices that I have? Both of us were satisfied after sexual intercourse? When I have sex I remain physiologically satisfied?

What questions would be good that we did on this issue in order to improve it?

There are three very important question in the sexual life of each person things: the frequency with which I have sex, the intensity of those relations and the level of satisfaction or welfare of such decisions in my life.

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