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Another organization with similar views, Answers in Genesis (Ai G)—based in both the US and the United Kingdom—has opened the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, to promote young Earth creationism.

Creation Ministries International promotes young Earth views in Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, the US, and the UK.

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The first use of the term "creationist" to describe a proponent of creationism is found in an 1856 letter of Charles Darwin describing those who objected on religious grounds to the emerging science of evolution.

In the 1920s it became associated with Christian fundamentalist movements that insisted on a literalist interpretation of the Genesis creation narrative.

By the 1980s creationism had gained a significant presence in further countries and faith traditions, and in the United States the traditional constitutional separation between church and state has sometimes been challenged in an effort to permit the teaching of creationism and intelligent design in public schools.

Creationists base their beliefs on a literal reading of religious texts, including the biblical Genesis creation myth and islamic mythology from the Qu'ran.

A further important element of Creationism is the interpretation of the Biblical chronology, the elaborate system of life-spans, "generations," and other means by which the Bible measures the passage of events from the Creation (Genesis 1:1) to the Book of Daniel, the last biblical book in which it appears.

Recent decades have seen attempts to de-link Creationism from the Bible and recast it as science: these include Creation science and Intelligent Design There also non-Christian forms of Creationism, notably Islamic Creationism and Hindu Creationism.

Several attempts have been made to categorize the different types of creationism, and create a "taxonomy" of creationists.

Young Earth creationists believe that God created the Earth within the last ten thousand years, literally as described in the Genesis creation narrative, within the approximate time-frame of biblical genealogies (detailed for example in the Ussher chronology).

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