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This was another demonic encounter in the opinion of Sol-war.

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The driver was dressed entirely in white---a refreshing switch---and said very little.

But at one point he offered Savalas a dollar to buy some gas.

The actor insisted that he man write down his name and address on a slip of paper so he could be repaid.

They found a gas station, and the driver waited while Savalas bought a can of gasoline. “I know Harry Agannis,” the driver said suddenly, Savalas asked who Harry Agannis was.

An armada of UFOS is heading to earth and the Vatican and world governments are monitoring space with infrared telescopes.

Rome is paving the way for people to believe aliens are our saviors and are coming to help us. We are witnessing a masterful satanic subterfuge that appears to involve the appearance of ‘angels’ and ‘aliens.’ Many are asking whether the coming of Antichrist can be far removed.From the Bible we learn that such an evil day surely lies ahead.The question for our consideration, then, is this: Are we in the throes of that final otherworldly deception now?” Subject: Ancient paintings, artifacts, of alien looking creatures which are in reality fallen angels and demons.One of the oldest carvings was found in Kiev, Ukraine. Given the context of where and when it came from, it is very difficult to explain this carving as not being of something “other worldly”.The NAZIS were Satan's army, and now the US is taking it's marching orders from satan.


  1. ABSTRACT: A biochemical model of Antarctic krill Euphausia superba was developed to investigate the physiological mechanisms which enable krill to survive winter, when food is scarce.

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  4. Roberto Schwarz, em Ao vencedor as batatas [...] e Raymundo Faoro em Machado de Assis, a piramide e o trapezio [...] demonstram de que modo as novelas de Jose de Alencar (1829-1877) e Machado de Assis (1839-1908) revelam tracos da burguesia brasileira que nao correspondem aos padroes europeus. Morse, O Espelho de Prospero) In this essay I shall introduce the concepts of Homo Ludens and Homo Economicus as they appear in the work of Johan Huizinga and Ian Watt.

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