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In ancient times it was a luxurious gift for kings and gods. It seems that the more I eat cinnamon my love for it just grows like a cinnamon tumour inside me.

Today it makes an appearance on our cinnamon rolls, apple cobbler and even french toast. As I began making liqueurs I knew that cinnamon liqueur would be a key step in my quest for excellent homemade liqueur.

Me, I just want to devour anything that tastes like it. Before I talk about the four cinnamon liqueur variants I made, let me rant a little on the things I learned about Cinnamon. It is popular for it’s inner bark which is used as spice called cinnamon.

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Though it seems the consensus is that it may not be toxic enough to worry about unless you are consuming teaspoons and teaspoons of cassia every day.

Ceylon cinnamon has coumarin as well, but a negligible amount.

As far as the flavor differences go, both Cassia and Ceylon Cinnamon share similar essential oils except the Ceylon has less of the cinnamic aldehyde.

From what I read, this ends up giving true cinnamon a lighter, sweeter flavor and cassia a stronger, harsh bittersweet flavor.

This of course was Cassia as I found out after I made the liqueurs. For number 1 the only change I made was substituting clover honey for the sugar syrup. In my liqueur making experience so far, white sugar syrup just yields too simple of a taste.

With honey, the taste becomes much more complex and better for sipping or drinking straight.

Cinnamon(cassia) Liqueur #1 Stuck with the recipe but substituted clover honey for the sugar syrup.

(and in all below variants) Cinnamon(cassia) Liqueur #2 Added 7 Key limes, just the meat quartered and some pith. Cinnamon(cassia) Liqueur #3 Added meat of one very large navel orange. Added zest from orange, about 1/4 of the orange peel. I tried all of these right after the 1 week of aging time and at least 1 – 2 months after that.

So yes, after all of my excitement about creating a delicious cinnamon liqueur I discover that in fact I have created a Cassia liqueur.

The more I thought about this I decided it might be okay since it appears that what I’ve known and loved as “cinnamon” was most likely cassia anyway.

I mean a bakery here and there may use true cinnamon, but from a little googling it appears that cassia is the most popular “cinnamon” here in the states. The Internet contains myriads upon myriads of recipes for everything under the sun, unless you are looking for Cinnamon Liqueur, then there is only one recipe you will find.

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