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Lakeside Adult Camps give you the chance to come to camp again and relive your youth or experience it for the first time - you're never too old to be a camper!

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While these camps do offer many similar activities to a youth camp, they're also very different.

We give our campers the chance to have a vacation and relax - there is no strict schedule to follow and all planned events and activities are optional (there's always fishing, coffee, board and card games available for those who would rather skip the planned activity).

Lakeside gives you the opportunity to escape from the outside world - turn off your computer, shut off the television, and unplug the phone.

We'll emerse ourselves in nature and fun during your stay and we encourage you to participate to the fullest extent by leaving electronics at home.

) - Snacks, Games, and Fellowship Time (or Late-Night Activity)40' Rock Climbing Tower, Zip Line, Adventure Forest Low Ropes Course, Crafting, Sailing, Tie-Dying, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Canoeing, Archery, Indoor Wall Rock Climbing, Fishing, Swimming, Roller Skating, Biking, Tubing, Speed Boat Rides, Pontoon Rides, Ga Ga Ball, Quidditch, Basketball, Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge, Exploding Enchiladas, Tag, Boofers, Capture the Flag, Volleyball, Counselor Hunt, Farmer Brown, Blob Tag, Around the World Soccer, Eliminator, Pit Fall, Shh, Around the Chapel, Raccoon Circles, 4-Way Soccer, 9-Way Kickball, Parachute Games, Carpet Ball, Pine Cone Golf, Water Challenge Games, Mind Games, and so much more!

Great Escape gives young adults a place to come and feel like a kid again.

We know how life can get - sometimes it's next to impossible to find some time to simply take care of yourself.

You'll have the chance to learn new skills, relax in a spacious lakeside setting, and become a part of a community you will never forget.

Where else can you simply forget about the outside world and build relationships for an entire week?

*We also offer different worship services for each part of the day so that you can experience faith in new and exciting ways!

These two camps will give adults a great place to unplug, make friends, and find peace all while having a fulfilling, fun, and fellowship-filled experience.


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