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Here is the list of New Aadhaar Card Enrollment Centers in our city.

This list is published in DNA Navi Mumbai News paper and this news also mentioned that if you want to get this Aadhaar card then you don’t need to pay any fees at any Aadhar card center in Navi Mumbai.

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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has been created, with the mandate of providing a unique identity (Aadhaar) number to all residents of India and also defining usages and applicability of Aadhaar for delivery of various services.

The Unique Identification Authorities of India is processing this cards for the Indian citizens to create a new identification.

To check your nearest Aadhaar Card Enrollment centre follow the below steps: This will show you list of all the temporary and permanent Aadhaar Enrollment Centre in your region.

This Search will also provide you the contact of the person incharge of the centre of that you can solve any of your query.

The Temporary enrollment centre will have a last closing date and the permanent enrollment will have Permanent sign in the place closing date.

These centre will assist you in the process of enrollment and any complication regarding the Aadhaar cards.

The Aadhaar cards are acknowledged by the various public and private sector in India.

The Aadhaar cards are safe and secure all in one indentification proof of Name, Address, Date of birth, mobile number etc.

The state government have setup Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) registration centres in private premises like housing societies and companies.

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