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If anyone has any further information on this particular or similar missions I would be interested to hear from you.

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T1: [email protected]: Time: hi nice page keep it up m8 i yes need some rank pics for my web and i really need help if you can help let me know i wanted to have my ranks page real tx for you help and merry Xmas [email protected] Date: Time: this is one of the BEST sites I have ever come across and have saved it in my favourites. Is it possible to include histories and aircraft from no.3 and no 10 Squadrons of the RAAF?

No 3 served with the Desert Air Force all through the desert and into Italy, while No 10 flew Sunderlands from the UK from 1939 until the dust settled after hostilities.

They provided the Sunderland that stood off 8 Junkers 88's. No criticsm intended, just an observation T1: [email protected]: Time: I am trying to find info on the exploits of my late father Dennis Oswald Bonner from Wembley.

He was pilot in bomber command flying mainly lancasters.

I have info linking him to 622 squadron and a photo of him with a crew alongside a airplane with the code LM167 on the side .

I know he was stationed at Methwold and Wratting Common also Kolar and Worli any information greatfully received.

T1: [email protected] Date: Time: Sgt James (Jim, Joseph) Farrell, My father was initially in the East Yorkshire Regiment and served in India in 1936 and was also in Palestine.

I know He was evacuated at Dunkirk and then went on to fight in North Africa (alamaein, Tobruk,etc.)At sometime after or during this period He transfered over to The RAF Regiment as an Armourer and small arms instructor.

Any information that might fill some of the gaps would be appreciated.


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