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Relatively to the amount of the original documentary materials for American history which have been put into print, and to the amount of efi Fort which is being made to write history from them, the means of connection between the documents and the student are sadly imperfect.

For the furtherance of historical scholar- ship in America we have need of many more manual lists of the sort which in Europe are called regesta. 173832 INTRODUCTION The two lists contained in this volume concern the history of the territory included within the boundaries of the present continental United States.

The present book may prove to be a sufficiently complete list of one specific kind of materials to satisfy in a measure this want, in the important field of the study of Spanish relations to the present soil of the United States. All matter touching that territory only indirectly and by inference as a part of the Indies has been rejected.

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The first list consists of published material, the original manuscripts of which exist in Spanish archives or which, with good reason, are conjectured to exist in Spain.

The method of listing has been as simple as possible, the following data being given for each document: date and place of writing, when known; short title, either in the original language (usually Spanish), or in English; archive or library, with pressmark (when known), where conserved ; archives and libraries In the United States owning transcripts (when known), with pressmark ; publication or publications in which printed, and whether in original or in translation, or in extract or abstract.

No cal- endaring has been attempted, as this is designed to be a mere finding list.

In general, decrees, laws, etc., found in collections like the Recopilacion de Leyes de Indias, have not been included.

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«-' -5, J3iu^ ^ H List of Documents in Spanish Archives relating to the History of the United States, which have been Printed or of which Transcripts are Preserved in American Libraries BY JAMES ALEXANDER ROBERTSON WASHINGTON, D. Published by the Carnegie Institution of Washington I910 CARNEGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON Publication No. The series of Guides to the Materials for American History in Foreign Archives which has been undertaken by the Department of Historical Research in the Carnegie Institution of Washington should, so far as is possible, be accom- panied by such lists of documents accessible in print or in transcript.

124 Papers of the Department of Historical Research J. With such a list in hand the student can avoid the loss and mortification incident to journeys and searches in foreign countries for material which only dupli- cates that which he might readily have used at home. Ferdinand and Juana to the Officials of the Casa de Con- tratacion.

PREFACE Theoretically every endeavor to describe for the benefit of historical stu- dents any portion of an archive or other collection of historical manuscripts should likewise state, clearly and in detail, what portions of the material thus described are already accessible in print, or may be examined in transcripts nearer to the student, or otherwise more accessible, than the originals.


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