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Then again, the ungainly nature of American 70s cars is what makes these chases so thrilling to watch - particularly in where the damage the Mustang takes is quite breathtaking.

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Notice, for example, how he manages to flip one innocent bystander's car onto its roof - not exactly heroic, you'll surely admit.

The miniscule size of the film's production becomes apparent when we learn that not only did Halicki do all his own driving and stunts, but he also purchased all the cars we see destroyed during the course of the escape - each one purchased second-hand for around $200 each.

In total, 93 vehicles were destroyed in this crash-happy dervish of squealing tyres and twisted metal.

car chase concludes with a gigantic jump, which Halicki again pulled off himself in his Mustang.

more people remember these days, but it was director HB Halicki who got their first, with his 1974 low-budget, gonzo car chase movie of the same name.

As part of our celebration of crossing the line movie car chases, which provide the build-up to the release of EA's latest racer, also the most ambitious, with HB Halicki writing, producing and starring in this daring story about an insurance investigator who also happens to be an expert car thief.

The rather thin plot sees him tasked with stealing 48 desirable vehicles in just five days - a pretext, really, for a series of spectacular car chases, culminating in a 40-minute driving sequence which still holds the record for the longest in movie history.

Predictably, the car-jacking antics of the brilliantly-named anti-hero Maindrain Pace (Halicki) soon gain the attention of the police, and his foes through much of the movie are a pair of dishevelled detectives played by Butch Stockton and Phil Woods.

A tip-off results in the detectives spotting Pace as he makes off in Eleanor, a 1973 Ford Mustang belonging to a local DJ - and so begins the most protracted chase sequence in the movies.

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