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Following the acquisition of FM radio rights by Southern Cross Austereo's Triple M Network in early 2013, regional stations that had carried the show in previous years will drop 2GB's coverage in favour of Triple M's coverage, as those stations are part of that network via the Localworks division.

It is unknown if stations owned by rival companies such as BOG or community stations will take up the program in their place.

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Thanks to live streaming on the Internet, the program can be heard in other states of Australia and throughout the world, and many ex-pats living overseas email the team to have their say.

The team is backed up by around-the-grounds reporters including Don Moseley, Joel Caine and Peter Psaltis.

The team also have a number of regular callers to the program.

Elsie, a pensioner from Maitland, who always had pieces of advice for the boys along with anecdotes about greyhounds as well as her ardent support of her beloved Newcastle Knights, was a regular caller until her death in 2007.

Another regular, "Burnsie", is known for his interesting love life, which he is always reluctant to discuss.

Another feature of The Continuous Call Team is a plethora of phone calls from people wishing to seek some counselling, to which they are none the wiser with no help whatsoever from the team who are only qualified in football related matters.

For their troubles, they receive a Continuous Call Team Showbag that consists of novelty items.

Although they are of no worth at all, they serve as a reminder and a great souvenir of when they have been counselled by "The Gibberers".

The Continuous Call Team is an Australian radio sports program, covering the news and live games of the National Rugby League.

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